About Us

Our shop is located at the North East corner of University and Country Club drive in beautiful, downtown Mesa, Arizona. We are open Monday through Saturday 12-9. Sunday from 12-7 pm and welcome walk-ins as well as appointments.

We take pride in every tattoo, from small sunflowers to full body suits. The artists' styles range from Bold Traditional, to new school Graffiti. We have 14 artists with distinctive styles so you can choose the artist you're comfortable with. We have Millions of designs to choose from or your artist can create an original, one-of-a-kind piece. We can also repair, re-color or cover old faded tattoos.

Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing is proud to feature highly trained individuals in the art and knowledge of professional Body Adornment. In addition, we have a great selection of body jewelry. All piercing is done in a clean, safe, sterile environment with total privacy. All setups are single use and destroyed after every procedure.

Urban Art has gone to great lengths to provide a safe environment. Each staff member uses Universal Precautions in accordance with all OSHA, Red Cross, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and APT regulations and requirements. All Equipment is single use and autoclave sterilized before they are used.

We have passed the yearly OSHA Prescribed Blood Borne Pathogens Course, CPR and first aid training as well. Our certificates hang throughout our shop. We are also proud to boast that we were the first ever tattoo shop invited into the Better Business Bureau.

All of our instruments are single use and disposed of in a Bio-Hazardous containment system, which is picked up every week by Bio-Medical Recovery, Inc.

Our instruments are sterilized in a Pelton & Crane Omni-Clave at 275 degrees and 30 psi for one {1} hour. We subscribe to a Biological Monitoring Service for our sterilizer and have passed every test to date. Our employees wear a three mil, sterile, powder free Nitrile glove {Micro-touch provided by Johnson & Johnson} during all procedures to ensure no contamination. All of our employees are inoculated against Hepatitis B and all have an HIV test every year. Our floors are tiled in VCT non porous tile, as they are in hospitals and get cleaned nightly with Birex which is a germicidal, fungicide, viricide, tuberculocide, cleaner, detergent and deodorizer. All of our work surfaces are made of non porous material which is also cleaned with Birex after every procedure.

We pride ourselves in taking these extra steps to assure that the client and our employees both are out of danger from cross contamination.

We guarantee all of our work and all touch ups are free of charge for the life of the client.

To check any of our accreditations or to find out more, please contact the organizations below.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site.

Sage & Liz O'Connell

Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing